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MINI F60 iDrive Update Flash EntryNav2 iD5 to iD6 with Stable System

MINI F60 iDrive Update Flash EntryNav2 iD5 to iD6 with Stable System

Special Skill Update Firmware

No reboot

No black screen random.

System is stable.

You will get the new feature.

– New interface UI iD6
– CarPlay Full Screen
– Android Screen Mirroring
– Video in Motio
– Include FSC set for Navigation Change to any region

– Procedure time is 1 Hour including flash.
– Supports MINI all models of iDrive4 NBTevo.

What you need :
– Laptop – Windows 8 or 10 x64, RAM : minimum 4GB – recommended 8GB
– ENET Cable RJ-45 or USB-C to Ethernet
– Windows C drive free space 20GB (SSD recommended)
– Car battery charger
– Strong Wi-Fi/Internet Connection
– TeamViewe
– MINI with iD4 have already the Wi-Fi antenna No need install.

If you not sure your car is idrive 4. Please Contact and send your vehicle number for check.

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Another Coding List

✔Unlock Apple Carplay Full Screen iPhone
✔Unlock HMI New UI New graphics iDrive 6
✔Update map Southeast Asia latest year
✔Unlock Towbar Zoom**(must have camera)
✔Sport Display on Head up Display
✔Unlock digital mileage
✔Open the system, remember the air conditioning value and air flow value A or M
✔Open the system, remember the Auto Start / Stop value or default OFF
✔Automatic folding side mirrors when locking the car
✔Open the system, put in reverse gear, the light at the outside door handle is on, helping to reverse in the dark
✔Open the Easy entry system, the seat back and steering wheel move up when turning off the engine and move back to the original position when returning to sit in the car
✔Open the electronic off system, turn off all electronic systems in the car when turning off the engine and opening the driver’s door
✔Open the Welcome Light system, set as desired Fog light, Tail Light, Low – High Beam, License plate
✔Open the automatic GPS time sync system
✔Turn off the sound and seat belt warning light