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BMW S7 G12 Coding Apple CarPlay and Another Full Option

BMW Series7 G12 EVO⛽️
All details
✔️ Unlock full screen Apple Carplay
✔️ Unlock Full Screen Mirroring.
✔️Update map BMW genuine new year.
✔️ Unlock watch movies not fast (Special method can be viewed through TV, DVD, USB, Screen mirror without cutting)
✔️ Open the system to play more training programs from MP4 MKV AVI OGG VCD XVID.
✔️ Unlock M logo Startup for BMW Display Key.
✔️ Unlock, practice, display in Full M Mode
✔️ Unlock new Alpina visualizations
✔️ Unlock digital miles, display speed, km / h or m / h in all modes.
✔️ Change Ambient Light color by mixing R, G, B colors and alternate top / bottom colors as you like. Can change all the color channels
✔️ Adjust the angle of the mirror Till the left mirror when reversing. As needed
✔️ Adjust the car start mode (can be set to Sport Comfort or ECO when starting the car)
✔️On or OFF Horn Lock sound when locking the car while Sart the machine.
✔️ Turn off the Belt ACSM alarm system
✔️ Unlock M Sport display
✔️ Unlock Logo M in idrive screen.
✔️ Remember Auto start stop
✔️ Unlock Towbar Zoom