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Apple Carplay With Full Screen Active by USB

For New custoner

For Exit Customer

Checking You support on @Navigation – Setting – Version

Customers will receive an unlock file after a 10 minute payment (business hours).

No need to connect. If you have a flash drive, you will need to transfer the file to the client. After that, copy the file to the Flash Drive. Select Partition FAT32 and plug it into the USB box and wait 30 seconds. Available immediately

Either will email you a file, just copy it to an empty FAT32 formatted USB Flash Drive. Go to the car, plug it in for 30 seconds and coding is done.

Please watch video for install


NBT EVO FSC Codes Application Number List
006F – Satellite Tuner (USmarket)
00A0NavigationSystem ProfessionalECE / US
00A1NavigationSystem ProfessionalAsia
00E5/// M Laptimer
00F0ID4 Navigation Enabler
0143ID5 / 6 Apple CarPlay
016EID5 / 6 Speech NLU
016FID5 / 6 Speech TTS
Including Screen Mirror
The map supports lifelong.
FSC Map for ID5 / ID6
0120 – European Map
0121 – North America Map
0122 – Turkey Map
0123 – Chine / HK / Macau Map
0124 – Australia / NewZealandMap
0125 – Middle East Map
0126 – North Africa Map
0127 – South Africa Map
0128 – Southeast Asia Map
0129 – South America Map
012A – India Map
012B – Israel Map
012C – Argentina Map
012D – Taiwan Map
012E – Korea Map
012F – Japan Map
Please Note USB Coding can’t use in car on Japan Korea China Taiwan
Some car need wifi antenna for stable connection.
– For i-step 18-03 or 18-07 use USB for Active
– For i-step 18-11 need Remote coding ( 006.027.001 )