Apple CarPlay iOS 13 new on BMW

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Apple CarPlay iOS 13 new on BMW
Apple's CarPlay has been updated significantly when iOS 13 has released a trial version to be tested.
The team did not wait to hurry, update and bring the information to members.

Informal information that the team has tested is as follows.

- Mode of light in iOS 13, CarPlay has two modes, namely Light Mode and Dark Mode.
- Add a new DashBoard, everything in 1 screen
- SIRI improved, better understand the language, including support app other than Apple
- Add a calendar app to be able to do a list on a daily basis and can link the map at all.
- New Apple Map can use voice commands
- There is a Menu Setting that can be set in the car screen.
- Apple Music, new perspective
- Add Mode "Do not disturb while driving"

The team sincerely hope that Customers will be comfortable in this upcoming iOS 13.

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